Browser Change Could Impact all Cisco WebEx Customers

As you may or may not know Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have been discussing disabling browser plugins by default. The WebEx client on both Windows and Mac runs off of a small browser plugin. It was recently brought to my attention that Firefox 27 (Next week December 10th) and Chrome 32 (est. Jan 10th) will both be disabling plugins by default. This will not only effect WebEx, but all Plugins. FYI that this change is coming before people start updating their Firefox browser next week and WebEx stops working.

What will Users see:

When a user clicks to join a WebEx the WebEx will start to join then it will just spin on the Joining Meeting page.

What is the workaround:

Users will have to enable the Plugin on each browser for their WebEx site. This is explained in the FAQ which is linked below.

Long term fix:

WebEx is developing a version of the client which will no longer require the plugin and is planned to come to market before Chrome turns off all plugin support End of CY 14.

Here is a link to an FAQ so that you can prepare for the upcoming browser changes:

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