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Useful Mac Links (for Switchers)!

Here’s some cool ones I’ve found since I’ve become a “switcher”. Thought you might enjoy. = A list of “best” Mac software. = A list of “best” Open source Mac software. = Website name says it all. = Daily Mac Tip = Product called CrossOver Mac. Run Windows apps right […]

Watch and Use Hulu, iTunes and TV Networks Outside the US

Here’s a free program/service that I found off “A New Mac Tip Everyday” Blog to help everyone who’s ever tried to watch iTunes, Hulu or the websites from the TV Networks (NBC, ABC, Fox, etc) from outside the US. If you are outside the US, all of the sites mentioned block you from watching shows. […]

iTunes Now DRM Free – Convert Your Songs Without the Cost

Apple (at Macworld this week) announced that iTunes will no longer “protect” their music with Digital Rights Management (DRM). Now they even give you an option to upgrade the songs that you’ve already purchased in the past to the new DRM Free version (it’s under the far right  side in iTunes under Quick Links, where […]

Google Picasa Released for Mac!

Ask any of my family or friends, and they’ll tell you that I always recommend Picasa to help manage pictures and Picasa Web Albums to help share them. Only problem was Picasa was only available on Windows and Linux. Well now it’s available on the Mac platform as well! Additional Info: First Look Review: Download here:

How-To: Print to a Shared Vista (or XP) Printer from Mac

I found an awesome How-To for printing to a Vista (or XP) machine from my Mac (running Leopard). I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t get my printer on my XP machine at home to print from my Mac. After following these directions, it worked perfectly!

Screenshot Program for Mac, Awesome Manual Creation Program

Here’s a great freeware program for taking screenshots on your Mac (and from the few that I’ve done so far, it works better than the built in screen capture included in Leopard): Now, here’s a really awesome program, available for Mac and Windows. It’s called ScreenSteps, website located here: It helps you to […]

Using a Network Share for Apple Time Machine

I found these useful articles about using a network share with Apple Time Machine (Apples built-in backup feature). There appears to be some issues with using a network share once it runs out of space, as the backups are not pruned correctly from what I can tell from the posts. There is a […]

Entourage: Put Signature on Most Recent Reply Email

I’m still learning Microsoft Entourage for the Mac and I’m still liking it. The main thing is that it is a little different than Outlook and to keep that in mind while I find things that just aren’t “Outlookish”. But usually a quick Google search will find the answer to whatever question arises. One of […]

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