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Change IPMI Passwords for all Nutanix Hosts via Script

Here’s a simple script to help change all IPMI passwords for all Nutanix Hosts in a Cluster. Just make sure you update the Current Password and New Password in the script, then run from the Controller VM (CVM). #!/bin/bash # Changing the IPMI password on all hosts within a Nutanix Cluster # # Note: Do […]

How To Always Pop-Out an Email Window in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 introduced a new in-line compose method for email replies and forwarded messages, designed to make it easier for you to quickly write & send an email. However, the Outlook 2013 in-line method may prove to be a frustration source, especially if you are used to browse other emails while you are composing a […]

Fix for Evernote 6.0.x Mac Missing Notes, Delayed Syncing and Issues with Creating Notes

I live and die by my notes in Evernote. For me, Evernote has become part of my standard workflow and is one of the apps that I constantly have open. I even paid to have a “Premium” account. I have several different notebooks, which include business card entries (using the iPhone app-which is super cool […]

How-To Unlink a Phone Number from Apple ID, iMessage and Facetime

I received a new iPhone with a new number so I wanted to cancel my previous iPhone and number. I wanted to remove this number from my Apple ID so that it was removed from being used in iMessage and Facetime on all of my devices. UPDATE : NOVEMBER 18th, 2014 Apple has released a […]

How to Make a Bootable Mavericks Install Drive

I needed to make a bootable Mavericks install drive using a USB flash drive. I followed option 1 from the below site and it worked perfectly! Copied here for future reference: Option 1: Use createinstallmedia Hidden inside the Mavericks installer is a Unix program calledcreateinstallmedia, provided by Apple for creating a bootable Mavericks installer. […]

EMC – How to Start Analyzer in Unisphere

This lesson shows how to start EMC analyzer within Unisphere. Log into Unisphere, Select the System The IP of the CLARiiON storage processor (SP) must be used to initiate/start Unisphere. Select the S/N needed from the list (if more then one is managed by Unisphere). Enable Statistics Logging Go to the properties of the VNX/CLARiiON […]

How-To : Install Blat Command Line SMTP Mailer on Windows

In order for NetBackup to email reports, alerts and other functions, you will need to install the free opensource utility called "Blat" and configure NetBackup to use it. This lesson will describe how to do this. Install Blat Command Line SMTP Mailer First, download "Blat" from their opensource homepage at: Click on the "Download […]

How-To : Avoid the Windows MBR Disk 2TB Limit by Using GPT Type Disks

If you want to use a disk larger than 2TB within Windows, it might look like you can’t use all of the space. This is due to the type of initialization performed on the disk. This lesson will show you how to initialize the disk with the "GPT" type of disk (rather than the default […]

NetBackup 7 Configuration for VMware vStorage Backups

This lesson will describe how to configure NetBackup to perform VMware vStorage method backups. To use this feature, your environment will need to consist of NetBackup v7.x and VMware ESX 3.5.2 or higher, or VMware vSphere 4.x or higher. NetBackup for VMware – Single File Restore NetBackup 6.5.1 introduced an innovative single file restore technology […]

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