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How To Always Pop-Out an Email Window in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 introduced a new in-line compose method for email replies and forwarded messages, designed to make it easier for you to quickly write & send an email. However, the Outlook 2013 in-line method may prove to be a frustration source, especially if you are used to browse other emails while you are composing a […]

Outlook 2010 with Hotmail / Connector – Fix for Error 0x80048051

I have a personal account that I use at along with some other accounts that connect via Exchange. So I use Outlook 2010 for my main email program. Every so often, though I would get the error 0x80048051 when checking my email and no email from would show up. The solution involves Microsoft […]

Microsoft Office 365 – Configure a User Password to Never Expire

This article will show you how to configure a user password to never expire on the Office 365 platform. Install the PowerShell cmdlets for Office 365 First you will need the PowerShell cmdlets installed onto your computer. To install them, please follow the instructions here: Set Windows Powershell Credentials To connect Windows Powershell to […]

Microsoft Word 2010 – Make Only 1 Page in Landscape Layout While Keeping Rest in Portrait Layout

I don’t know why this was “new” for me, but it did take a google search to figure it out. Here’s a great link that explains how to make only 1 page within Microsoft Word 2010 in a landscape layout, while keeping the rest in the portrait layout. Copied below for reference: Go to […]

How-To Open Visio Diagrams and Drawings in Separate Windows

Opening multiple Visio files and switching between them is a pain. I figured there had to be a way to make Visio to always open files in separate windows, so you can see the visio drawings seperately (eg: dual monitors). The below “method B” worked for me for Visio 2010. Visio has a Multiple Document Interface […]

How-To: Print to a Shared Vista (or XP) Printer from Mac

I found an awesome How-To for printing to a Vista (or XP) machine from my Mac (running Leopard). I’ve always wondered why I couldn’t get my printer on my XP machine at home to print from my Mac. After following these directions, it worked perfectly!

Screenshot Program for Mac, Awesome Manual Creation Program

Here’s a great freeware program for taking screenshots on your Mac (and from the few that I’ve done so far, it works better than the built in screen capture included in Leopard): Now, here’s a really awesome program, available for Mac and Windows. It’s called ScreenSteps, website located here: It helps you to […]

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