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Asustor Flashstor FS6712X 12 Bay Storage NAS Hands-On using TrueNAS Scale with VMware ESXi 8.0

I recently “upgraded” my aging storage environment in my home lab with an all-flash Asustor Flashstor 12 Pro with 12 x 2TB NVMe M.2 Drives, with upgraded RAM to 16 GB, running TrueNAS Scale v22.12.3.3. Just an FYI, everything is connected at 10Gb, unless otherwise noted. Here’s a few of my thoughts so far:

How To Collect Data From a Fibre Channel (FC) Switch

Sometimes you will be asked by either the manufacturers support or perhaps by Lewan for data from your Fibre Channel switch. Here is how you can gather that information in a format that helps support and/or Lewan: Brocade – How-To Collect a “supportshow” from a Brocade Switch from a Windows Host with HyperTerminal Follow these […]

Forget Dropbox – Use Zumodrive for Online Storage!

I posted awhile back about DropBox which allows you to store things online while having a local “drive” on your computer to use. Here’s a link to that post: Well, forget Dropbox! Nothing against them as it worked well, however I now use! It basically has all the features of Dropbox (creates a […]

Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) for VMware

I have used the Lefthand Networks Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA) in the past (which can be found here: which presents an iSCSI target off of local disk through an appliance inside a VM. It’s a great way to use internal storage and make it “look” and act like a SAN. I ran across this […]

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