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Asustor Flashstor FS6712X 12 Bay Storage NAS Hands-On using TrueNAS Scale with VMware ESXi 8.0

I recently “upgraded” my aging storage environment in my home lab with an all-flash Asustor Flashstor 12 Pro with 12 x 2TB NVMe M.2 Drives, with upgraded RAM to 16 GB, running TrueNAS Scale v22.12.3.3. Just an FYI, everything is connected at 10Gb, unless otherwise noted. Here’s a few of my thoughts so far:

Easily create a bootable USB installer for VMware ESXi / vSphere Hypervisor from a Mac

A huge thank you to Chris Bednarski (over at for putting together a script that will make an installable ESXi boot device (via a Mac), something that would seem pretty simple to do nowadays, but after trying 2 other online “tutorials” that didn’t work, Chris’ script worked perfectly. Thanks! Script/instructions are over at:

Installing VMware PowerCLI Cmdlets from the PowerShell Gallery

A great writeup for this process with detailed information is located here: In a nutshell: You might be prompted for a new version of “NuGet”, which is fine- go ahead and say “yes” to the prompt to install. Then proceed with the below. Once that completed, the VMware PowerCLI Cmdlets were installed. However, when […]

Great Resource for VMware NSX

Here is a great resource for NSX.  The site by Hany Michael, a Consulting Architect at VMware.  One of his recent posts covers the architecture of NSX v6.0.  He also has some great videos on walking through the process of deploying and configuring the different NSX components.  You can follow Hany on twitter @hany_michael. […]

Celebrating 15 Years of VMware

You might know that VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter. You might even know that VMware now has over 13,800 employees and 500,000 customers. But did you know that our headquarters consumes more than 12,000 pounds of coffee and 19,000 pounds of M&Ms every year? VMware has […]

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