Celebrating 15 Years of VMware

You might know that VMware is the global leader in virtualization solutions from the desktop to the datacenter. You might even know that VMware now has over 13,800 employees and 500,000 customers.

But did you know that our headquarters consumes more than 12,000 pounds of coffee and 19,000 pounds of M&Ms every year?

VMware has evolved from a lean, five-person startup founded in 1998 to a global powerhouse that today has reached more than $10 billion in cumulative revenue. We even have our own band.

As VMware celebrates 15 years, we’ve pulled together some of the most compelling and interesting milestones that the company has achieved over the years. From total number of virtual machines in the world, to man-hours donated to charity by VMware employees, we hope you find the fast facts in this infographic to be informative, inspiring and maybe even a little fun.

How we deliver on our vision comes through in our everyday actions. Our people are driven to create amazing innovations in a workplace that encourages and supports growth, learning and collaboration – at VMware, within our partner community and in the world.

Here’s to 15 great years and counting!

Source: http://blogs.vmware.com/vmware/2013/11/celebrating-15-years-at-vmware.html

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