How Can I Get a Receipt for a Previous iTunes Purchase?

1. Launch iTunes

2. Click on iTunes Store

3. Click on your email address on the upper left hand corner

4. Click Account from the drop-down menu

5. Enter your password for your iTunes account

6. Scroll down to Purchase History and click “See All”

7. Find your “receipt” for the music/apps/etc you downloaded by clicking on the small ‘arrow’ next to the order date. This will expand what was included in the order. Here you can take a screenshot of the screen to save/print, as it appears the “Print” feature doesn’t work (on my Mac anyway)..


  • i don’t see the “receipts”. i see the information of the transaction, but no way to get the receipt. the print option from the itunes file menu prints my account overview page even if i am viewing a purchase transaction.

  • Hi Dan, there isn’t a “receipt” button per se, but I’d take a screenshot, then print the screenshot out (or save the screenshot as a PDF).

    Take a screenshot:
    Mac: Command+Shift+4
    Windows: Use the Snipping Tool, under ‘Start’ -> ‘Accessories’

    Hope it helps!


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