Installing the Dell KACE 1000 Systems Management Appliance on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV)

A few of my customers have asked if the Dell KACE virtual appliance will work on the Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV). So I made a short video below showing the installation of the virtual appliance and how it does work on AHV. For any questions, please submit them in the comments section below. Thanks!


  • Interestingly the K2000 appliance doesn’t seem to want to behave like your K1000 did in the video. Tried initially on Acropolis 4.7.2 and now on 5.0.1 and either way the appliance gives a general protection fault on boot and reboots again…rinse and repeat.

    Guess something is different enough between the K1000 and K2000 that it doesn’t work sadly 🙁

    • Hmm, that’s interesting Chris, thanks for sharing.

  • Quest / K1000 support still says this is “not supported”. So, my concern is that they will essentially not support our KACE environment if we do anything they don’t endorse. I wish they did support VirtIO; there are a lot of other hypervisors out there now.

    • “Works” and “Support” are two conversations :-). I have a few clients that have chosen to go ahead and run it on AHV since it does work, although YMMV.


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