iTunes Now DRM Free – Convert Your Songs Without the Cost

Apple (at Macworld this week) announced that iTunes will no longer “protect” their music with Digital Rights Management (DRM). Now they even give you an option to upgrade the songs that you’ve already purchased in the past to the new DRM Free version (it’s under the far right  side in iTunes under Quick Links, where it says “Upgrade My Library”. Only problem is that it is $0.30 per song to do this, which can add up to a lot of money (my library alone says it would take $104.70 to upgrade, as I have 399 already purchased songs, some part of albums which you get an upgrade discount on).

Good thing I’ve already been using a program called WMA Converter  (link found here: to convert my songs to Non Protected MP3’s. Even if you get the “pro” version, which is $26.99, it’s way cheaper than upgrading your library through iTunes. But thankfully from here on out, you won’t have to convert any newly purchased songs (unless you want to change the type of file it is). Hope it helps others as it’s sure worked great for me! 🙂

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