Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

Reference post – Default Cluster Credentials

Nutanix PrismNutanix Controller VM (CVM)adminadmin
vSphere clientESXi hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleESXi hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleAHV hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH clientNutanix Controller VM (CVM)nutanixnutanix/4u
IPMI web interface or ipmitoolNutanix nodeADMINADMIN
IPMI web interface or ipmitoolNutanix node (NX-3000 only)adminadmin
SSH client or consoleHyper-V hostAdministratornutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleAcropolis OpenStack Services VM (OVM)rootadmin

Can also be found in the online documentation here:




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