How To Collect Data From a Fibre Channel (FC) Switch

Sometimes you will be asked by either the manufacturers support or perhaps by Lewan for data from your Fibre Channel switch. Here is how you can gather that information in a format that helps support and/or Lewan: Brocade – How-To Collect a “supportshow” from a Brocade Switch from a Windows Host with HyperTerminal Follow these […]

Useful Mac Links (for Switchers)!

Here’s some cool ones I’ve found since I’ve become a “switcher”. Thought you might enjoy. = A list of “best” Mac software. = A list of “best” Open source Mac software. = Website name says it all. = Daily Mac Tip = Product called CrossOver Mac. Run Windows apps right […]

Forget Dropbox – Use Zumodrive for Online Storage!

I posted awhile back about DropBox which allows you to store things online while having a local “drive” on your computer to use. Here’s a link to that post: Well, forget Dropbox! Nothing against them as it worked well, however I now use! It basically has all the features of Dropbox (creates a […]

Reset and Power Off Windows XP or Vista in VMware Fusion

By default in VMware Fusion, the Virtual Machine Menu Option lists the “Soft” Power Commands and you need to hold down the Alt/Option Key to display the “Hard” Power Commands that will let you power off or reset the VMware Fusion Session, even when the VM is powered on. Thanks to this post for such […]

Editing Your Published Website with MS Expression

This lesson will describe how to edit your website that has already been published with Microsoft Expression Web. Start MS Expression Web Start MS Expression Web by double clicking on the desktop item or by going to your Start/Windows logo button, All Programs, Microsoft Expression Web, Microsoft Expression Web link. Open Published Site To open […]

Watch and Use Hulu, iTunes and TV Networks Outside the US

Here’s a free program/service that I found off “A New Mac Tip Everyday” Blog to help everyone who’s ever tried to watch iTunes, Hulu or the websites from the TV Networks (NBC, ABC, Fox, etc) from outside the US. If you are outside the US, all of the sites mentioned block you from watching shows. […]

iTunes Now DRM Free – Convert Your Songs Without the Cost

Apple (at Macworld this week) announced that iTunes will no longer “protect” their music with Digital Rights Management (DRM). Now they even give you an option to upgrade the songs that you’ve already purchased in the past to the new DRM Free version (it’s under the far right  side in iTunes under Quick Links, where […]

Google Picasa Released for Mac!

Ask any of my family or friends, and they’ll tell you that I always recommend Picasa to help manage pictures and Picasa Web Albums to help share them. Only problem was Picasa was only available on Windows and Linux. Well now it’s available on the Mac platform as well! Additional Info: First Look Review: Download here:

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