VMware vSphere – Using VMware Converter to Import VM’s or VMDK’s From Other VMware Products

When using Virtual Machines (VM’s) from other VMware products, the easiest way to get these VM’s into ESX/vSphere is to use VMware’s product called vCenter Converter Standalone. vCenter Server does include a version of Converter, however I’ve had better success in using the standalone version to do VM conversions as it is (typically) a newer […]

Windows 7 – Another Area for Program Data that isn’t under Program Files

I have a small program that keeps some of it’s files (which happen to be data files) where the program resides, typically under C:Program FilesName of Program. I normally back these files up as they are important to me. However when I went over to Windows 7, I noticed that the program files are no […]

Simple But Effective Backup For Your Data

Backups! Most people don’t think about them until it’s too late. Well, here are my two favorite options for performing a backup of your data. http://www3.crashplan.com/consumer/index.html = Crashplan is a free Program to automatically backup your data to another drive (e.g. an external drive) or another computer of yours, or even a friend that’s running […]

Scanning and Getting Things from Your iTunes iPhone Backup (Mac)

I was having some performance issues with my iPhone and I wanted to clear it out and did a “factory restore” from within iTunes and then just sync back my apps from iTunes. Well, that all went ok. I use Microsoft Exchange at work and I have my iPhone synced with my Exchange account, so […]

Merging Two AVI Files into One File on a Mac

This is one successful way that I’ve found to merge 2 AVI files into 1 AVI file using a Mac. Get D-Vision 3 Software (Free) Download the D-Vision 3 software from this site: http://www.objectifmac.com/english/downloads.php Download the program and install. Then launch the program. D-Vision 3 – Tools Once the program launches, click on the "Tools" […]

How To Collect Data From a Fibre Channel (FC) Switch

Sometimes you will be asked by either the manufacturers support or perhaps by Lewan for data from your Fibre Channel switch. Here is how you can gather that information in a format that helps support and/or Lewan: Brocade – How-To Collect a “supportshow” from a Brocade Switch from a Windows Host with HyperTerminal Follow these […]

Useful Mac Links (for Switchers)!

Here’s some cool ones I’ve found since I’ve become a “switcher”. Thought you might enjoy. http://bestmacsoftware.org/ = A list of “best” Mac software. http://www.opensourcemac.org/ = A list of “best” Open source Mac software. http://www.switchingtomac.com/ = Website name says it all. http://www.tips4mac.info/ = Daily Mac Tip http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/ = Product called CrossOver Mac. Run Windows apps right […]

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