Patching VMware ESXi via Nutanix One-Click Upgrade in Prism on AOS 5.0

This lesson will show you how to patch VMware ESXi using the Nutanix one-click upgrade process in Prism.

If you have additional questions not covered in this how-to, please refer to the Nutanix Documentation Link for the one-click hypervisor upgrade feature, located here:

One-Click Upgrade

To enter into the one-click upgrade area within Prism, click on the "gear icon" (1) in Prism. Then choose "Upgrade Software" (2).

Hypervisor Upgrade

Choose the "Hypervisor" tab (1). Then choose the blue link that says "upload the Hypervisor binary" (2).

For ESXi, we will need to upload the ESXi offline patch binary (which you’ll need to download from the VMware download site). Nutanix qualifies specific VMware ESXi hypervisor updates and provides a related JSON metadata upgrade file on the Nutanix Support Portal (

Downloading Product Patches from VMware

To download the ESXi patch, go to the VMware download website located at:

Search for the patch that you would like to download and click on the "Download" button (1).

You will also need the MD5 checksum for the downloaded file, as we’ll need to enter that into Prism. The MD5 checksum is located in the KB article for the patch you are downloading. Click on the KB article link (2).

Obtain the MD5 Checksum for the Patch

On the KB article link, look for the "md5sum" field, and copy the checksum for later use within Prism.

Uploading the Patch within Prism

Back in Prism, paste the MD5 checksum into the field shown (1).

Then, choose the button that says "Choose File" to select the Patch binary file that you downloaded earlier (2). Once you have done that, choose the "Upload Now" button (3).

Once the patch has been uploaded, it will be shown as an available upgrade. Select the "Upgrade" button.

Then choose the "Upgrade Now" button from the dropdown.

vCenter Server Credentials

Prism will now prompt you to enter your vCenter IP Address, username and password. Then click on the "Yes" button to proceed.

Pre-Upgrade Starts

Prism will now go through several pre-upgrade checks to make sure the settings and dependencies are met.

Pre-Upgrade Failure

If the Pre-Upgrade checks fail, expand the window to show which step failed. In my case below, High Availability (HA) was not configured on the VMware cluster.

High Availability (HA) and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) are required to be enabled. For further requirements, see the requirements section at the following link:

Proceeding with Patching

Once you fix any issues identified in the Pre-Upgrade checks, the upgrade will continue. You can monitor the steps here in the upgrade screen, or in the "Tasks" menu in Prism. You can also close the Upgrade Software screen to do other tasks in Prism if you would like while the upgrade is happening.

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