Registering vCenter with Prism on Nutanix AOS 5.0

To perform core VM management operations directly from Prism without switching to vCenter Server, you need to register your cluster with the vCenter Server. This how-to will show you how to register vCenter with Prism running Nutanix AOS 5.0.

By using this feature you can perform following virtual machine operations directly through Prism.

  • Create, clone, update, and delete VMs.
  • Create and delete NICs.
  • Attach and delete disks.
  • Power operations: Power on or off, reset, suspend, resume, guest shutdown, and guest reboot.
  • Open and launch VM console (via an HTML 5 web gui)
  • Manage VM guest tools (mounting VMware guest tools, mounting NGT).


First, in order to register vCenter within Prism, the Nutanix hosts will need to be part of a vSphere cluster (1) with DRS enabled (2).

vCenter Registration

In Prism, click on the "Gear" icon (1) and choose "vCenter Registration" (2).

vCenter Registration

As long as the pre-requisites are met, the "address" field will autocomplete with the IP address of your vCenter Server (1). Next, type in your Admin username and password into the fields shown and click on the "Register" button.

A task will begin for "Management Server Register" (1). Once this task completes, then vCenter has been registered. (2)

Managing ESXi Virtual Machines within Prism

Now that we have registered vCenter within Prism, we can now create and manage virtual machines right within Prism under the "VM" menu (1).

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