Scanning and Getting Things from Your iTunes iPhone Backup (Mac)

I was having some performance issues with my iPhone and I wanted to clear it out and did a “factory restore” from within iTunes and then just sync back my apps from iTunes. Well, that all went ok. I use Microsoft Exchange at work and I have my iPhone synced with my Exchange account, so it handles Contacts, Mail and Calendar. So I wasn’t worried about that data as I can always sync that information. (BTW, if you don’t have an Exchange account, use GMail’s free ability to do the same thing, which actually uses Exchange technology:

But the thing that I forgot to make copies of or send them to myself in an email were my Notes on my iPhone. iTunes makes a backup of notes and the like, but I didn’t  do a “restore” from within iTunes, I did a complete reset. I also didn’t want to do a restore in case whatever was slowing down my iPhone might return from the restore. So the question came up – How do I get my notes back from my iTunes backup without doing a restore?

Answer = MobileSyncBrowser! It’s a program I found that does exactly what I wanted and is totally awesome. It can also do pictures, media, call logs, contacts, calendar, SMS messages, etc! Info about it can be found here:

The maker’s website and download link is at:

It worked perfectly for me. I was able to open my notes and just re-enter them (as they were short) on my iPhone. Enjoy!

Here’s a screenshot taken during my session:

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