Simple But Effective Backup For Your Data

Backups! Most people don’t think about them until it’s too late. Well, here are my two favorite options for performing a backup of your data. = Crashplan is a free Program to automatically backup your data to another drive (e.g. an external drive) or another computer of yours, or even a friend that’s running Crashplan! They have an online backup option ($5/month for unlimited amount of data). Go buy an external drive, download and install this program and tell it to backup to your external drive. It’s that simple. I’d also recommend using their $5/month service so that you have a copy of your data outside of your house. That is very important as an external drive backup doesn’t protect your data in a fire, flood or other major disaster. $5/month is a small price to pay for the extra level of protection! = Backblaze is another option which is a pure online backup solution with unlimited data for $5/month. They don’t have the “backup locally” option like Crashplan does above, but if you’d like to skip that part and just backup online, then checkout BackBlaze.

Hope it helps!!

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