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How-To : Install Blat Command Line SMTP Mailer on Windows

In order for NetBackup to email reports, alerts and other functions, you will need to install the free opensource utility called "Blat" and configure NetBackup to use it. This lesson will describe how to do this. Install Blat Command Line SMTP Mailer First, download "Blat" from their opensource homepage at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/blat/files Click on the "Download […]

How-To : Avoid the Windows MBR Disk 2TB Limit by Using GPT Type Disks

If you want to use a disk larger than 2TB within Windows, it might look like you can’t use all of the space. This is due to the type of initialization performed on the disk. This lesson will show you how to initialize the disk with the "GPT" type of disk (rather than the default […]

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