VMware VSAN – Many SAS or Less SATA?

Staying on the VSAN topic, another great topic of discussion is whether to use many higher speed SAS drives or less SATA drives that have a greater capacity?  The answer here is the typical “it depends”.  A lot has to do with the workload you’re planning on running in the VSAN Disk Group and how much money there is to spend on drives.  Typically, this would be a fairly straight forward decision, the more spindles the better, which is still the case here, but you’ll also need to factor in that VSAN includes a read/write cache.  In some cases, customers may be able to get away with larger capacity SATA drives, if the workload stays mainly in cache.  Duncan Epping (YellowBricks, VCDX) has a great blog post that cover this in more detail.

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