Fix for Evernote 6.0.x Mac Missing Notes, Delayed Syncing and Issues with Creating Notes

I live and die by my notes in Evernote. For me, Evernote has become part of my standard workflow and is one of the apps that I constantly have open. I even paid to have a “Premium” account. I have several different notebooks, which include business card entries (using the iPhone app-which is super cool btw), personal notes, my business meeting notes, technical notes, shared notes and everything else I need to (try and) remember.

With that said, you could probably expect my surprise / anger / confusion / denial when Evernote recently pushed out an update to version 6.0 which along with the cosmetic changes (which unlike some, I don’t mind), the overall functionality of the app ground to a halt. I was no longer able to view notes without waiting several minutes (literally 5+ minutes) for note contents to appear, although the note title was there already. Clicking around on various notes made it appear the notes were blank, although I could sign into the web and view them there. So I knew the notes still existed, they were just not syncing properly or displaying correctly.

When trying to create a new note, it would create a new “untitled” note but wouldn’t allow you to edit the title or start typing any content into it- well not immediately anyway. If you sat and waited for a good 4+ minutes, it would eventually let you. Of course, that’s not functional.

So after much Googling, searching, griping and being in a bad mood, I decided to try to completely remove Evernote from my Mac, above and beyond just moving the application to the trash. The steps that I used are below:

  • In “Applications”, right-click on Evernote and “Move to trash”.
  • Next, start Finder.
  • Under the “Go” menu, click on “Go to Folder”.
  • Type in “~/Library” and click the “Go” button.
  • In the search area in Finder, type in “evernote”. Make sure the Search is using “Library” as the search area (not “This Mac” or something else).
  • Press “Command” + A to select all of the files that appear from the search.
  • Right click and choose “Move to Trash”.
  • Next, Empty your trash.
  • Reboot your Mac (necessary to empty the trash, as I received a file in use message).

Once you have completed the above, you should be at a clean slate.

Next, I opened the Mac App Store app and installed Evernote.

Once opening Evernote, it will prompt you to sign in. Enter your credentials and click okay.

For me, once I signed in, all of my notes started syncing from my account. After the sync completed, the Mac client was usable again! I could click on any note and it would display. I could create a new note and it was immediately available to start typing. Now things are back to normal, and it seems I’m in a better mood too 😉

Hope it helps you! Leave a comment below with your experience!


  • Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for posting, I thought all my notes were lost forever but you saved the day.


  • It appears this issue has been resolved in the latest version(s) of Evernote – I know it is fixed in 6.0.5. So make sure you are running the latest version. Thanks!


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