Merging Two AVI Files into One File on a Mac

This is one successful way that I’ve found to merge 2 AVI files into 1 AVI file using a Mac.

Get D-Vision 3 Software (Free)

Download the D-Vision 3 software from this site:
Download the program and install. Then launch the program.

D-Vision 3 – Tools


Once the program launches, click on the "Tools" button on the right hand side of the window.


On the "Tools" screen, select "Join AVI Files".


First select the target name and location for the target AVI file (1). Then select the plus (+) sign to add the files in order that you want to join (2). Finally click on the "Create Task" button to make the task (3).


A new window called "Task Management" will appear. It is not doing anything yet and for the task to be started, you will have to click on the "Launch" button. Once you click on the Launch button, the merging of the files will begin. It is pretty quick, as the 2 AVI files that I had were both around 500-600MB in size took about 3-5 minutes to merge into a single file.


Once the task is finished, you are done and your newly created AVI file will be at the target location you specified.


    • Hmm, interesting.. I’d just retry the combine as my steps were created doing a combine and mine works great, full sound and looks great..

  • finally, the perfect tool for the job. i had been trying to accomplish this task with mpegstreamclip which messed up the audio on the final encode. then i tried using visualhub which degraded the quality of the video and inflated the file size to way more than the sum of the original avi’s. this did the job wonderfully. thanks for the tip.

  • Thanks so much! Everything worked just great! One question: This is the first time I’ve converted video_TS (vob) to .avi, and the files came out much larger than I expected. For instance, 85 minutes ended up over a gig, when I’ve downloaded avi’s over 2 hrs. long before before, and they were only about 700 meg. I used “Video Converter for Mac”> convert to AVI. Is there a different compression I should use, like >convert to Divx (even though the extension is still .avi)?

    • Really depends on the export quality setting of the avi that determines what size it’ll be. If you want to make the size smaller, just adjust the quality during the export to be less..

  • Hi Djlaube. I’ve got an issue. I’ve got 5 files that are in the format .avi.001, .avi.002, .avi.003, .avi.004, .avi.005. When I press the “add” button, the files cannot be selected. Any way I could handle this issue?
    Thank you!

    • Sure, rename the files so that they end in an .avi (instead of ending in the number series).. rename the files to something like: .001.avi , .002.avi and so forth. The program will not let you add a file that isn’t a video extension (e.g. .avi, .mpg, etc)..

  • Thank you for this guide! 🙂 I found it through some old macrumors thread. I was stuck in the tasks management screen of all things. 😀 Not the most intuitive software, but it did its job quickly. 🙂

  • Hi Guys,

    when i combine my files, i dont get to see the video of the combined file. It just gives out the audio 🙁 any suggestion on what am doing wrong.

  • @Dushyanth – Check your settings and try again.. if it still doesn’t work, I’d check your source files as they may be corrupted or invalid..

  • Hm, I joined three .avi files but the audio track is missing. The audio is present in the source files. I’m using QuickTime Player to view the files. Ultimately I want to upload this merged movie to YouTube. I’m outside of my area of expertise. Ideas? Thanks for putting this together.

    • I would imagine 3 files would still work fine although there’s been a couple of other comments that have sound missing as well. I’d try to use another player to test the file, like VLC Player, just to make sure it isn’t something weird with QT. If that doesn’t work, then I’d try the join again and check your settings..

  • Thanks for the tip. I did a fresh merge and used VLC and still no audio. I guess I’ll keep searching for info.

  • Sorry I’m not any more help.. the process that I posted has always worked for me but it sounds like that others have had the no sound problem.. If you find a solution, please post back! 😉 Thanks!

  • I was able to solve this problem. Here’s what I did in case someone else with this problem finds this thread.

    1) Used Flv Crunch to convert each .avi into an .mp4.
    2) Used MPEG Streamclip to join all three .mp4 files into a single .mp4 file.

    It took a few hours, but the audio is intact. But after all this, the file was rejected by YouTube for being too long.

  • For me this simple trick worked:

    1) Open Terminal (or iTerm if you prefer)
    2) Run “cat file1.avi file2.avi > completefile.avi”
    3) Play

    Old fashioned file concatenation.

  • Not working..!
    Says Power PC applications are no longer supported..!

  • Actually, it does still work. When you’re adding the files to be merged, change the tool to be used from “avimerge” to “mencoder”. You’ll see in the 3rd pic above that the avimerge box is ticked/selected by default. Change it to “mencoder” and then continue as described above.


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