Treo 755p Error with Exchange

I have a Palm Treo 755p with Sprint service. It was setup with my work email and a couple of IMAP personal accounts. I then started to get the error “SSL Error: No trusted root. Update certificate authority list.” Then if you click on “details” on the error, it says AirSAMStateMachine.c 1913 14721

I remember having this error before, and thought I would post what fixed it in case anyone else can use it. My work doesn’t have a self signed security certificate but it is a certificate that I guess isn’t trusted by Palm’s Versamail natively.

I forum post that was very useful was:

Basically you need to download copies of the security certificate from IE or your favorite browser and then use the Palm Certificate Modification Tool (link in forum post above) to make those certificates into a .pdb file that will get installed on the Treo.
This fixed the error for me.
One thing I did run into, since I mentioned that I already did this process in the past, is that the file generated by the Palm Certificate Modification tool already existed on on the Treo. So I had to use a utility called FileZ to remove the existing file called “CertMgr.db” from my Treo. A gotcha is however, you cannot remove this file by default as it’s in-use. So  you need to restart the Treo by taking out the battery, press and hold the “up” direction on the directional pad and re-insert the battery. This starts the Treo in basically a “safe-mode”, which you can then start FileZ and delete the “CertMgr.db” file. After you do that, restart the Treo by pulling/replacing the battery again. Then go through the process of hotsyncing the file created by the Palm Certificate Tool and then you’d should be all set.

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