How-To Open Visio Diagrams and Drawings in Separate Windows

Opening multiple Visio files and switching between them is a pain. I figured there had to be a way to make Visio to always open files in separate windows, so you can see the visio drawings seperately (eg: dual monitors).

The below “method B” worked for me for Visio 2010.

Visio has a Multiple Document Interface so open files all go into the same
instance of Visio. There’s really not an easy way around it, but here are
some options:

A) Launch a separate instance of Visio each time you want a separate window
in the Taskbar. A great “how-to” for doing this, can be found at:

Method A works okay, but I would like Visio to open in seperate Windows everytime, automatically. Method B below does that.

B) Check the Visio option in Tools/Options/Advacned > Put all settings in
Windows registry, exit Visio and change the registry setting
SingleInstanceFileOpen to 0 found in the following location:

Visio 2003

Visio 2007:

Visio 2010:

If the above doesn’t make sense, here’s a helpful “How-to” showing how to do the above:

That’s it!

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