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Using Private Keys with SSH login Without Password on Mac OS X

Here’s an excellent write-up for setting up SSH access using private keys to connect to other Linux/Unix servers without having to enter a password. Copied here for reference. Tired of typing passwords to SSH servers you often access? Well get used to it! Passwords provide a high level of security, but but it have […]

How-To: Remove a deleted folder from Finder Sidebar on a Mac

I had a very stubborn folder that I had on my Finder sidebar, under “Favorites”, because the actual folder on the my Mac was deleted. Because the folder was deleted, I could not remove the “Favorite” by the normal right-click and “Remove from Sidebar” option. It was driving me crazy but a search lead me […]

Scanning and Getting Things from Your iTunes iPhone Backup (Mac)

I was having some performance issues with my iPhone and I wanted to clear it out and did a “factory restore” from within iTunes and then just sync back my apps from iTunes. Well, that all went ok. I use Microsoft Exchange at work and I have my iPhone synced with my Exchange account, so […]

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